Alma Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Affordable, proven
laser hair removal.

At Viola, with our industry-leading technology we can eliminate unwanted hair forever. With a few convenient treatments to your troublesome areas of body hair, we can have you smooth and hair-free in no time. Best of all, laser hair treatments are proven to be safe and effective for both women and men.

We know not all clients are the same, and some are more sensitive to laser treatments than othars. In addition to the powerful Candela treatment, we also offer the gentler Alma Soprano® XL laser. Because Alma Soprano is a gentler laser, the treatment virtually pain-free and ideal for client’s with pain sensitivities.

See The Results For Yourself

How does it work?

The Alma Soprano laser hair machine uses a variety of wavelengths to safely heat the hair follicle to a temperature that damages the follicle, preventing it from regenerating and growing a hair. While the laser heat targets the follicle, Alma Soprano ICE technology keeps the surface of the skin cool preventing burns or overheating, while the laser efficiently removes hair.


Remarkable Results

The virtually pain-free Alma Soprano laser hair removal treatment is safe on all skin tones and colors, including darker and fairer complexions. The treatment is also effective on most hair colors and textures. Sessions are quick, comfortable and best of all effective for men and women.

Alma Soprano
At A Glance

Treatment Length: Varies by body part
Downtime: No
Sessions Requied: 8+, varies by individual
Discomfort Level: Minimal
Results Last: Long-term, semi-annual maintenance may be required.