Best Tips to Protect your Skin During Winter!

1 – Moisturize More Often
An oil-based moisturizer is a better choice for your skin since the oil creates a protective layer on you skin and prevent or slow moisture escaping from your skin.
NOTE: Oily skin need moisturizing during winter too!! The best winter moisturizer for you depends on your type of skin.
Ask a skin care professional to find the best products that suites you.
At our clinic, we have various high quality products from Sothys [Paris] that might help. Call us for a free consultation!

2 – Reduce shower temperature!
Hot water along with cleaners washes away your natural skin oil that keeps the skin moisturized.
NOTE: Don’t rub the water away after your shower; dabbing or patting off the excess water would be a better option!

3 – Wear a pair of gloves
Skin on the hand is relatively thinner that other body parts. There is less natural skin oil there too.

4 – Get a humidifier, if needed.
Get professional advice from building professionals first.

5 – Eat more fish!
Foods with Omega-3 is helpful to your skin during winter.
Try to reduce / stay away from starchy and sugary foods. Coffee and alcohol dehydrate body.

6 – Exfoliate lightly
Moisturizers can penetrate better to the skin when there is no dead skin there. Use super gentle defoliators.

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