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At Viola, with our industry-leading technology we can eliminate unwanted hair forever. With a few convenient treatments to your troublesome areas of body hair, we can have you smooth and hair-free in no time. Best of all, laser hair treatments are proven to be safe and effective for both women and men.

Discover the power of the Gentle Max Pro for yourself

Why not permanently rid yourself of unwanted hair?

At Viola we can eliminate unwanted hair forever with one of our cutting-edge laser technologies. With a few simple treatments to the target area we can have you smooth and hair free in no time, and best of all laser hair treatments are safe and effective for both women and men

How does it work?

Our most popular laser hair removal treatment is the Candela GentleMax Pro ® 2018 model considered the gold standard of the medical and aesthetic hair removal lasers. The state of the art machine delivers short, intense bursts of energy to the target area neutralizing the hair follicle

Candela is versatile, offering both Alexandrite and Nd:Yag laser technologies, to treat a variety of hair textures and tones. It also features a patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) technology to ensure the treatment is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Finding the right treatment to combat adolescent or adult acne can be extremely and in the meantime sufferers often struggle with controlling outbreaks and appearance of acne. The Candela GentleMax Pro for acne treatment can reduce outbreaks and repair skin without drying chemicals and expensive medications.

How it works?

Using a combination of laser wavelengths, the Candela GentleMax Pro laser reduces the amount of surface bacteria on the skin preventing the clogging and buildup of oil in the pores. The lasers energy also penetrates the skin to kill bacteria deep inside the root of the pore, reducing the likelihood of acne formation. An added benefit of laser acne therapy is its ability to fade acne scarring and discoloration, making it a dual acne treatment.

Summer days gardening or relaxing on the beach leave fond memories, unfortunately it can also cause permanent redness, thankfully there is a treatment designed to diffuse redness. Candela GentleMax Pro for redness and rosacea can treat the redness leaving skin bright and even.

GentleMax Pro can also treat skin conditions that cause redness or flushing of the skin, rosacea is the most of these skin conditions. GentleMax laser therapy treats the underlying cause reducing symptoms and helping sufferers manage.

How does it work?

Redness and rosacea occur when the tiny blood vessels in the skin dilate and remain dilated. The Candela GentleMax Pro laser targets the dilated vessels causing them to contract, and breakdown. The redness then dissipates and skin is left with increased clarity and balance.

The treatment is also effective on sun damage, hyperpigmentation and several other skin conditions.

With age comes wisdom and experience which are great, unfortunately spider veins, vascular lesions and varicose veins are also a sign of age. Candela GentleMax Pro can target and eliminate veins and vascular lesions resulting in more youthful, bright and radiant skin. Candela GentleMax Pro is safe for men and women and can be used on the face and legs to rid you of unwanted veins.

How does it work?

Whether it’s a spider vein on your nose or a varicose vein on your leg, Candela GentleMax Pro uses laser technology to deliver targeted laser energy into the vein/vascular lesion permanently destroying it.

The GentleMax Pro is non-invasive and completely safe for surrounding skin and tissue because it incorporates a unique cooling technology designed to protect the outer skin from overheating, or laser burn.

Soaking up the sun feels great but can often lead to the appearance of sunspots or pigmented lesions on the hands, neck and face. Age related collagen and elasticity loss also adds to the formation of age spots which often impede on confidence and make people appear older than they are or feel. At Viola we offer a Candela GentleMax Pro treatment designed to eliminate pigmented lesions, age spots and sun spots for more youthful, radiant skin.

How does it work?

The Viola GentleMax Pro treatment uses intense, focused laser technology to deliver a gentle, yet effective burst of energy into the target area. The heat of the laser and the energy target the melanin build-up in the target zone (spot) safely neutralizing the excess melanin, while leaving the skin and the tissue above and around unharmed.

Overtime the appearance of the spot will fade until it is unnoticeable.


Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

While laser hair removal is safe and effective there may be some slight discomfort associated with the treatment depending on the patient. Some patients may experience a slight and brief tingle or snap (like a rubber band hitting the skin) sensation during treatment
How long does it take?

Treatment lengths vary depending on the area being treated. Alma Soprano offers two hand-pieces one designed for large areas and one for smaller areas, making treatment times shorter and more effective.
Is laser hair removal right for me?

Laser hair removal is a fantastic alternative to shaving, waxing and plucking allowing you to free your time and stay hair free. Alma Soprano is ideal for men and women of all skin colors, however laser hair removal is ineffective on clients with blonde, white and grey hair because it lacks the melanin needed for the laser to target the follicle
Does the hair grow back?

No, when the hair follicle is permanently damaged, new hair cannot grow. Although during the process, some of these follicles may be only partially damaged requiring retreatment
Can laser hair removal treat ingrown hairs?

Laser hair removal is designed to permanently neutralize the hair follicles ability to grow which is great for ingrown hair sufferers. Not only can laser hair removal treat ingrown hairs it will prevent new painful ones from emerging.

Vasular Lesion & Veins FAQ

Is laser vein removal safe?

Yes, the CandelaMax Pro is completely safe and effective for treating, targeting and destroying veins and vascular lesions. The precisely delivered laser technology is so safe it can be used on the face, and it is powerful enough to destroy larger more prominent veins on the legs.
Does it hurt?

Laser vein targeting is non-surgical and requires no anesthetic. Depending on the patient and treatment area there may be a slight tingle or stinging sensation which only last momentarily.
Will I need downtime?

No downtime required. Following treatment patients can return to their regular activities.
What should expect?

Following treatment patients experience a minor and temporary darkening of the vein. The week following the vein will begin fade until it is no longer visible.
How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments needed to permanently rid a patient of a vascular lesion. Most patients require 1-4 treatments.

Acne FAQ

What can I expect during laser treatment?

Patients being treated with Candela GentleMax Pro for acne will have their skin is cleansed and protective eye wear will be applied. The laser technician will then gently deliver laser light energy over the affected area.
Will it hurt?

The Candela GentleMax Pro has a built-in cooling technology which prevents the skin from overheating. However, some patients may feel slight discomfort with the laser pulse, often described like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin. This is only minimal and dissipates quickly.
What will happen after treatment?

Following laser acne treatment, there will be minor redness and potential swelling similar to a minor sunburn. Patients are advised to apply a cool compress or aloe vera gel to aid in soothing and cooling the area following your treatment.
How many treatments will I need?

Following treatment patients experience a minor and temporary darkening of the vein. The week following the vein will begin fade until it is no longer visible.
How many treatments will I need?

The number of sessions depends on the severity and complexity of the acne. Patients usually require at least 3-8 treatments, about 6-8 weeks apart for best results.

Pigmented Lesion FAQ

How many treatments are needed?

Each client is unique, and so are their needs. We tailor our GentleMax Pro treatments to your needs, however most clients require between 1-3 treatments depending on the depth and darkness of the spot.
What does the treatment feel like?

The GentleMax laser is one of the most comfortable laser treatments available. There may be a mild sting with the laser pulse but it is brief, and not painful. Following treatment the area may feel warm to the touch and appear slightly pink, like a mild sunburn. Use of an antibiotic or Aquaphor ointment is recommended to keep the area moist.
How much downtime is required?

While there is no need to schedule downtime following treatment, patients are required to avoid direct and indirect sun exposure for at least 2 weeks after the laser treatment. Using a SPF 30+ sunblock is also required, and should be practiced year round for maximum skin protection and health.
When will I see results?

Depending on the client, individual brown spots usually become darker within a day or so, and then slowly flake off over the next week or two. Patients should not pick or scrub the area during the process.
Are the results permanent?

While the laser can drastically improve and eliminate the appearance of dark spots it cannot prevent new spots from forming. Clients should avoid prolonged sun exposure and use sun protection to reduce the risk of developing new spots.

Rosacea FAQ

Will it hurt?

The Candela GentleMax Pro is designed for maximum comfort and features a built –in cooling technology to ensure the surface of the skin remains cool and safe. Most people find the treatment comfortable with little to no pain.
Is it a safe treatment?

The Candela GentleMax Pro is one of the latest and best laser technologies on the market, it is extremely safe and effective. The treatments have been performed on thousands of people around the world with amazing, beautiful results.
Will I require downtime after a treatment?

No, there is no need to schedule downtime or a recovery period after a treatment. There is a bit of redness and heat on the face after the treatment. This will ease within a few hours and can be treated with a cold compress.
How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments really varies on the individual client, their issues and their desired goals. Most instances of redness are improved after as little as one treatment, however most clients can expect 1-4 treatments.