How to prepare for laser hair removal treatment?

How to prepare for laser hair removal treatment?

These days everyone is looking for a hair-free and care-free 🙆body using laser hair removal treatments! #NoShaving #NoWaxing !🙏

Remember the following notes before you do you treatments :

1 – Stay away from sun! 🌞

Avoid tanning 👙 (sun-exposure or sun-less tanning devices or products) for at least one month prior to your laser hair removal treatments. We recommend laser treatments to be done when the tan completely fades away. Use proper sun-screen creams. Remember that sun-screens there is a difference between the sun-screen products sold in retails vs. the ones sold by professional skin care clinics. Ask us about medical grade and high-quality brands that we carry at our clinic.

2 – Avoid hair removal methods that can disturb hair follicle such as waxing, electrolysis, and plucking 🙉. These methods can interfere with you laser hair removal treatments.

3 – Shave properly before your treatment. The goal is to eliminate surface growth of hair and preserve follicle and hair shaft. Try to shave properly the night before your treatment.

4 – The surface area must be clean and free of lotions, deodorants, creams, cosmetic products and etc.

5 – Get professional advice. Have a consultation session with your medical aesthetician. Like any other treatments, laser hair removal requires extensive knowledge and experience, and proper training and qualifications. During the complimentary consultation sessions at ViolaLaser ,our medical aestheticians review your medical history, assess your condition, and discuss benefits, expectations, and risks with you.

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