In our clinic, we use cutting-edge medical Alma Soprano XLi / ICE laser hair removal machines to provide pain-free, burn-free, and effective results to our clients.  

We believe that our clients are looking for the best results and a comfortable experience. That's why we use Alma Soprano XLi / ICE which provides Alma Laser's virtually pain-free technologies. Read about Laser Hair Removal FAQ (Frequency Asked Questions). Below you can find list of our services, prices, clients' testimonials, and before / after photos. 

Before and after photos:

Painless Laser Hair Removal services
Price list for one session *  **

Special Discounts for purchase of packages of 3 to 6 sessions, call for more details

Clients' Testimonial (Click here to read the rest
"I went to Fariba to have some of the hair on my chest and back removed by laser.  There was a lot of it, I must admit.  After Fariba completed the hair removal treatments, I recently went to Mexico for my annual one week beach vacation.  I had more fun this time, both day and night,  than on the previous 3 vacations put together.  I wish I had had the treatments 5 years ago.  I was stupid to wait so long.  Can not recommend Fariba highly enough."
Jason Salvi, 1/8/2016
"I recommend Sorri from Viola Laser, she is in my opinion the best in her line of work and has years of profession to back it. I'll speak vaguely and say all client's will be more than happy with her work. Sorri has the best of both, with her highly skilled profession and most importantly her customer service is beyond what you would expect! Thank you for having me!"
Daniel Pashai, 06/29/2016
"I went to Fariba (Fariba Moradi) for laser hair removal treatments hoping to finally get rid of some tough patches of hair. After trying out five different laser and IPL machines over the years, I found that while the treatments were working on certain parts of my body, on some areas (especially on my face) the hair had actually become more stubborn from all the shaving- and the treatments did not have much long term effects on those areas. My mother referred me to Fariba, swearing by her work and equipment. I am so glad I listened to her! After the first session, the stubborn hair became noticeably thinner and more sparse. I have now completed three sessions with Farbia and not only do I have less hair after each session, they actually stay gone! And the best part is, the treatments are painless, which makes the experience much more pleasant, and makes it much easier to keep up with the sessions. I  I couldn't be happier with both the service and the results! I definitely recommend Fariba to anyone considering having any type of hair removal."
Raha Z, 6/29/2016
"Soraya is amazing at what she does, I was referred to her by a family member and she's so friendly and sweet, she answered all the questions I had and gave me a great deal. She makes my laser hair removal sessions as comfortable as they can be. Not only does she give you the best prices you'll ever find but she gives even more discounts to clients for facials! I always refer her to anyone who asks about laser hair removal and they've had only good things to say about her too, I couldn't be happier with my results!"
Melika Haghighatjou, 06/29/2016
*Prices are based on Soprano®XLi laser machine hair removal
*HST Extra
**Prices are subject to change without notice