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OxyGeneo is the luxurious three-in-one facial that transforms the skin. Combining the refinement of microdermabrasion, nutrient infusion and oxygenation, OxyGeneo revitalizes, replenishes and restores the skin’s radiance and vitality. Unlike other hydrating facials, OxyGeneo is also an anti-aging treatment that smooths lines and wrinkles, while bolstering volume and skin health.

How does it work?

OxyGeneo begins by gently exfoliating away the damaged surface skin removing dead cells and dirt leaving the skin smoother and refreshed, this also prepares the face for the second phase of treatment nutrient infusion. The specialized hand tool delivers nutrients deep into the skin aiding in internal skin health, while restoring luminosity and skin tone.

The final phase of OxyGeneo restores skin’s health by through oxygenation. Bubbles of CO2 treat the skin’s surface creating a physiological response, pulling oxygen enriched blood to the area, increasing circulation and skin vitality. Oxygenation also allows for deeper absorption of nutrients.

See The Results For Yourself

Remarkable Results

OxyGeneo is a one-of-a-kind treatment that plumps and hydrates. Skin’s volume and youthfulness is also restored with OxyGeneo. You can also expect an increase in collagen production, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkle reduction, improved skin health and a more even and balanced complexion.


How does this differ from microdermabrasion?

OxyGeneo does not use suction, making it more comfortable and safer for clients. Microdermabrasion is a dry procedure, while OxyGeneo adds nutrient-rich gel to the treatment, which makes it more hydrating and soothing to the skin.

Does an OxyGeneo Facial Hurt?

Not at all! OxyGeneo treatments are relaxing and feel like a facial massage.

How often should I schedule treatments?

Scheduling an OxyGeneo treatment every 4-6 weeks to treat the skin is the perfect long term anti-aging maintenance program. Our skin care specialist will help design a schedule that best suits your needs.

How do I know which option and package to choose?

We are more than happy to sit down with you during a complimentary consultation and discuss your concerns and needs. From there, we will select the perfect OxyGeneo-based treatment for you.

At A Glance

Treatment Length: Up to 1 hour
Downtime: None
Sessions Required: 6+ weekly
session + maintenance sessions.
Discomfort Level: None
Results Last: Varies by skin concern
and skincare routine