Post-Care for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

At Viola Laser and Skin Care Clinic in Toronto, we offer state-of-the-art laser technologies for hair removal, skin tightening, sun and age spots, facial and leg veins, and anti-aging and nail fungus treatments, using Candela Gentle Max Pro and Alma™ Soprano®XLi / ICE .

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In order to get optimal results from your laser treatment and minimize the chance of incomplete healing and complications, we strongly recommend the following instructions:

– Some redness and swelling around the

treated area is normal after treatment and may feel similar to a sunburn. This should resolve within several hours to several days after treatment.

– Applying ice packs or cool compresses will help with any discomfort.

– No exercising or working out for a minimum 12 hours until the redness has subsided.

– No saunas, hot tubs, or hot showers for a minimum 12 hours until the redness has subsided.

– No irritants (glycolics, acids, retinoids, etc.) for 7 days after treatment.

– No real suntan or use solariums for the entire duration of course of treatments and for 1 month after the final treatment.

– No plucking, waxing, using a depilatory or undergo electrolysis in between treatments. If needed, the only other acceptable hair removal method is shaving.

– Apply sunscreen daily. It should be at least SPF 30 protects UVA/UVB and contains the physical blockers zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

– It may take 1-3 weeks for the dead hairs to shed out of the follicles. It’s recommended that you gently exfoliate the treated area about 7 days after your treatment, 2-3 times a week. Apply moisturizer after exfoliating to help skin replenish.

By : Fariba Moradi

Medical Aesthetician, owner at Viola Laser and Skin Care Clinic, Toronto, Ontario

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