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First Step to a Flawless Skin: A Complimentary Consultation Session

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Skin Analysis using Skin Analyzer Toronto, ON

What happens during skin or laser consultation sessions?

As a new client, you will receive a medical and skin questionnaire before your consultation. They ensure that you have no medical condition, skin condition, or using a medication or products that is a contraindication with the treatments or products that we offer. For example, particular drugs or dietary supplements can make your skin photosensitive, so you can’t receive laser treatments while you are taking them.

Our skin and laser experts will assess your hair and skin during your consultation session and go through your medical and skin questionnaires. We discuss your skin concerns and provide you with the best treatment plan and products to get glowing, healthy-looking skin!

We design a bespoke treatment plan and recommend you a skincare regimen using medical-grade skincare to get flawless skin!

The skincare therapist analyzes the client's skin under a magnifier

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