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Unwanted Hair

Get rid of unwanted hair, permanently
Improve Ingrown hair, folliculitis, and beard bump (razor bump)

Say goodbye to your razor! Both men and women alike love the convenience and long-term cost-benefit of laser hair removal! With the most comfortable, efficient technologies, we invite you to explore how laser hair removal can be an ideal solution for your needs. 

Laser hair removal is an excellent solution for unwanted hair, beard bumps, razor bumps (Pseudofolliculitis barbae), ingrown hair, and hair folliculitis too!

Our solutions for unwanted hair, ingrown hair, beard bumps, and hair folliculitis Include:

Laser hair removal using Candela Gentle Max Pro

Candela Gentle Max Pro is the gold standard for laser hair removal globally. It is safe and effective for all skin types (men and women), including darker skin tones.
It is a dual wavelength laser with both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers.

Laser hair removal using Alma Soprano ICE/XLi

Alma Soprano XLi / ICE is a diode laser that provides a virtually pain-free treatment.