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“I’ve been going to different laser hair removal locations for years and was about to give up on my treatments. Was recommended to Fariba and within a few sessions was able to see the results I had been hoping to see from the start. Not only does she know what she is doing, she is among one of the most welcoming and kind people I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I highly recommend her to everyone, you won’t be disappointed.”

Saba Yas

Niloofar D

“I was referred to Fariba by a friend. She’s very sweet and welcoming , she’s an expert her field. As for the services, I have received laser hair removal from her and couldn’t be happier. I had previously hesitated to get laser treatment because I hadn’t heard many good things about its results, but fariba works with a variety of machines and assesses your skin to see what works best for you. I’d definitely recommend this painless process. You end up saving so much time and money by getting rid of your unwanted hair once and for all. No more painful bikini waxes or wasted money and time on expensive razors.”
Niloofar D

Navia Kumar

“I was referred to Fariba by a close friend who told me that this was the least painful laser treatment she has ever gotten. It was my first experience with laser treatment but Fariba took the time to explain everything to me, made sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions. As a student, I am very busy and not in town often but she is very accommodating to my busy schedule. The treatment has worked very well on my legs, I rarely ever shave (and still have a few more sessions left, so the results will be even better by the end) and my skin is so smooth!”
Navia Kumar
“I went to Fariba for laser hair removal, just hope I met her earlier. I ended up doing chemical peel, micro needling and microdermabrasion. I have tried 4 different services with her and I can tell you she is absolutely great in everything she does. After 1 session of chemical peel I didnt have to wear foundation for a week, my face was glowing. Went back for the micro needling and I can feel my face is way tighter and smooth. She is so friendly, welcoming, professional and on top of this she will never recommend you anything you dont need. I strongly recommend her for anyone who wants to have great skin for reasonable prices and amazing products. She was very flexible accommodating me with my tight schedule as well. Will definitely go back for any service I need.”
Nada A
“Incredible results. I had gone to electrolysis for back and chest hair, but it was so slow, and I did not see it getting better fast enough. Fariba and her hi-tech laser finished what the other clinic had barely started. And I had paid thousands of dollars for the old treatments, for almost no progress. Fariba was thorough,efficient, and the cost was so low, in comparison to the old clinic. I wish I had known about Fariba’s clinic 4 years ago.”

George T

“Thrilled customer!I absolutely love Fariba! I have been doing laser hair removal with Fariba for several months now and I could not be happier. It truly is a pain free experience and the results are amazing. After only a few sessions I noticed my hair grew back less and less and thinner each time and now I rarely have to shave at all! I highly recommend Fariba and am so grateful for this service”

Rachel Awine

“I would like to begin with expressing how happy I am with the service I have been getting with laser hair removal treatments from Fariba Moradi. I had always been doubtful of the laser experience due to various individuals feedback, but I have to say that the service here is outstanding and phenomenal. This has only been my fourth treatment and I am already seeing major results with my hair removal. Not only is my results amazing, but the experience is also delightful. If anyone is looking for impressive service and results this is the place to go! I would highly recommend this to everyone.”

Zebah Faqiryar

“I can honestly say that Fariba has changed my life. Before meeting her I was literally shaving every single day and that was even after doing over 10 laser sessions somewhere else. Just after one single session I noticed a 30% decrease in hair growth which blew my mind. As of now I have completed 5 sessions and can happily say that 90% of my facial hair does not even grow back! I used to be so self conscious about my facial hair to the extent that I would not even be able to enjoy activities in public with my friends or family because I felt like everyone could see even through the caked on layers of makeup. I feel so confident now that I have baby soft and clear skin. I am so thankful for Fariba and for anyone reading this that might be having doubts, these are real testimonials from real people and she is actually this good!!!”

Diana Yousefi

“I went to Fariba to have some of the hair on my chest and back removed by laser. There was a lot of it, I must admit. After Fariba completed the hair removal treatments, I recently went to Mexico for my annual one week beach vacation. I had more fun this time, both day and night, than on the previous 3 vacations put together. I wish I had had the treatments 5 years ago. I was stupid to wait so long. Can not recommend Fariba highly enough.”

Jason Salvi