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"I went to Fariba (Fariba Moradi) to have some of the hair on my chest and back removed by laser.  There was a lot of it, I must admit.  After Fariba completed the hair removal treatments, I recently went to Mexico for my annual one week beach vacation.  I had more fun this time, both day and night,  than on the previous 3 vacations put together.  I wish I had had the treatments 5 years ago.  I was stupid to wait so long.  Can not recommend Fariba highly enough."
Jason Salvi, 1/8/2016
"I can honestly say that Fariba has changed my life. Before meeting her I was literally shaving every single day and that was even after doing over 10 laser sessions somewhere else. Just after one single session I noticed a 30% decrease in hair growth which blew my mind. As of now I have completed 5 sessions and can happily say that 90% of my facial hair does not even grow back! I used to be so self conscious about my facial hair to the extent that I would not even be able to enjoy activities in public with my friends or family because I felt like everyone could see even through the caked on layers of makeup. I feel so confident now that I have baby soft and clear skin. I am so thankful for Fariba and for anyone reading this that might be having doubts, these are real testimonials from real people and she is actually this good!!!"
Diana Yousefi, 09/20/2016
"As a young persian woman I have always had stubborn, dark and thick hair. I came to Fariba hoping that her laser treatment could help me, and it has greatly. Just by four sessions with her treatment, I have already seen amazing results-my hair is completely gone! Not only is her laser removal treatment amazing and efficient, but Fariba herself is a wonderful person! I recommend this place greatly, it's the best!"
Gelareh Dejdar, 12/31/2016
"I found Fariba (Fariba Moradi)  through Groupon and I'm glad I did. Fariba knows a lot about skin care, and based on your skin type she will recommend what you need to do to have better glowing skin. I had several microdermabrasion sessions along with the chemical peel and it feels great. Fariba is great, go see her she will help you have better skin at great prices. Fariba will work out great packages for you as well. Thanks Fariba."
Mary C.,  1/10/2016
"I go to Fariba (Fariba Moradi)  for laser hair removal. Most of my hair is gone after 4 sessions! Fantastico! Fariba spends the time to precisely expose all areas to laser. She is very accurate and diligent. She is also very warm and welcoming, definitely recommended! Thanks Fariba for your geat work! :)"
Zara L, 3/14/2016
"Before Fariba's (Fariba Moradi)  treatment I had used different clinic in Norway, however the difference is pretty obvious. I used thair services for few months without any significant results. When I came to Canada, friend of mine recommend Fariba's clinic and I would say, I'm satisfied with the results already after 3-4 visits. I would also recommed this place for everyone."
Paniza F., 3/24/2016
"Fariba (Fariba Moradi)  has a great personality. She makes you feel welcomed. On top of that, she is good at what she does. I am really satisfied with the services I receive. I highly recommend her."
Mojan R, 4/18/2016
"I was referred to Fariba (Fariba Moradi)  by a friend. She's very sweet and welcoming , she's an expert her field. As for the services, I have received laser hair removal from her and couldn't be happier. I had previously hesitated to get laser treatment because I hadn't heard many good things about its results, but fariba works with a variety of machines and assesses your skin to see what works best for you. I'd definitely recommend this painless process. You end up saving so much time and money by getting rid of your unwanted hair once and for all. No more painful bikini waxes or wasted money and time on expensive razors."
Niloofar D, 4/19/2016
"I've been going to different laser hair removal locations for years and was about to give up on my treatments.
Was recommended to Fariba (Fariba Moradi)  and within a few sessions was able to see the results I had been hoping to see from the start. Not only does she know what she is doing, she is among one of the most welcoming and kind people I have had the pleasure of getting to know. 
I highly recommend her to everyone, you won't be disappointed."
Saba Yas, 4/23/2016
"Just two sessions in for laser hair removal but already seeing the good results! Fariba (Fariba Moradi)  is very good at what she does and she does it passionatley. She is very caring and kind, following up on the results after each session. I really like how she works very patiently and meticulously. Thanks Fariba:)"
Aynaz V, 4/24/2016
"I was really lucky to start my first ever hair removal treatment with Fariba as I saw unbelievable results with just a few sessions! I was almost hopeless when I first started because I had uncontrollable thick hair having to shave twice a day! I recommend Fariba to everyone with any type of skin! You will not regret it!"
Paniz Gh, 5/3/2016
"I went to Fariba (Fariba Moradi)  for a full body hair removal. Right after my 3rd treatment, the outcome was so noticeable. So far, I've had the best service with Fariba, and i have been to many cosmetic clinics."
Ashley Sh, 5/6/2016
"Had a wonderful experience with Fariba (Fariba Moradi)   at medical/Laser Clinic. She took wonderful care of me and the procedure exceeded my expectations. Thank You!"

Najla Azizi, 5/9/2016

"I can't believe I could see such good results after just one session. I must admit, I had a lot of hair, but now I feel much more confident thanks to Fariba (Fariba Moradi) . She's the sweetest most kindest person I've ever met in my life. Love you with all my heart :)"
Atefeh Za 5/11/2016
"Thank you about your friendly space and professional services."
Hahi Hgh, 5/12/2016
"I started to have full body laser removal for about 3 years ago. The last time I got a chance to meet and get it done with Fariba (Fariba Moradi) . She's not only expert in it but she actually cares and takes her time and gives good advice with list of what to do and not to dos so my hair don't grow back after the laser and become lesser and lesser so they disappear afterwards. The exact opposite of other places that all they care is about next appointments and don't want to see their clients to be completely satisfied. 
She also has a great personality and very easy to talk to and ask for advice. 
I definitely go for my skin treatments with her as well!"
Parisa Ka, 5/18/2016
"I purchased a package from the clinic for skin tightening and rejuvenation. I was lucky that my esthetician was Fariba (Fariba Moradi) . She is so sweet and caring. After a few sessions, all my colleagues at the office complimented on how much I look younger. They all asked me what I did with my face! I have referred all of them to Fariba and they are happy customers ever since."
Atieh H, 5/20/2016
"Before using Fariba's (Fariba Moradi)  treatment, I had used different clinics for laser hair removal. Despite their low prices and promises, I didn't get good results after doing many sessions in about 9 months. I was referred to Fariba by one of my friends. My hair was almost gone after five sessions. Since then, I go to the clinic for touch-ups only. I have definitely saved time and lots of money. Thanks Fariba!"
Suzan Bina, 5/21/2015
"I've been going to Soraya for many years for laser treatments. I've never been so happy from such great results.  Soraya is the most amazing person and the best at her job. I will never leave her! Soraya treats her clients amazing and has them leaving super happy! Thank you Soraya for being so amazing 💕"
Mary A, 06/29/2016
"I went to Fariba (Fariba Moradi) for laser hair removal treatments hoping to finally get rid of some tough patches of hair. After trying out five different laser and IPL machines over the years, I found that while the treatments were working on certain parts of my body, on some areas (especially on my face) the hair had actually become more stubborn from all the shaving- and the treatments did not have much long term effects on those areas. My mother referred me to Fariba, swearing by her work and equipment. I am so glad I listened to her! After the first session, the stubborn hair became noticeably thinner and more sparse. I have now completed three sessions with Farbia and not only do I have less hair after each session, they actually stay gone! And the best part is, the treatments are painless, which makes the experience much more pleasant, and makes it much easier to keep up with the sessions. I  I couldn't be happier with both the service and the results! I definitely recommend Fariba to anyone considering having any type of hair removal."
Raha Z, 6/29/2016
"Thanks Soraya For Your Great Job and Professional Services"
Afshin Bahramshahi, 06/29/2016
"I recommend Sorri from Viola Laser, she is in my opinion the best in her line of work and has years of profession to back it. I'll speak vaguely and say all client's will be more than happy with her work. Sorri has the best of both, with her highly skilled profession and most importantly her customer service is beyond what you would expect! Thank you for having me!"
Daniel Pashai, 06/29/2016
"Soraya is amazing at what she does, I was referred to her by a family member and she's so friendly and sweet, she answered all the questions I had and gave me a great deal. She makes my laser hair removal sessions as comfortable as they can be. Not only does she give you the best prices you'll ever find but she gives even more discounts to clients for facials! I always refer her to anyone who asks about laser hair removal and they've had only good things to say about her too, I couldn't be happier with my results!"
Melika Haghighatjou, 06/29/2016
"I have been to other hair removal laser clinics before and was not satisfied, but viola laser is truly pain free and a professional. I could see significant changes just after 3 visits. Fariba (Fariba Moradi) is very sufficient on her work and she is very welcoming, I would recommend viola laser to anyone."
Samineh Sadeghi, 08/18/2016
"Soraya is very good at what she does, she caters to all your needs and is well experienced. She makes the sessions comfortable and is always available for appointments. Not only does she give the best prices but her laser work is done with detail and care. She takes her time and doesn't miss any spots. I would highly recommend her."
Armina Golizadeh, 08/20/2016
"I have been going to Viola for a while and I have been using different services by Fariba and my skin looks great! She is very knowledgeable and welcoming professional! On top of that, she knows what packages to recommend so you can get the best services at affordable prices. LOVE choosing Viola because of Fariba!"
Mehran Haghighi, 11/19/2016
"I went to Fariba for laser hair removal, just hope I met her earlier. I ended up doing chemical peel, micro needling and microdermabrasion. I have tried 4 different services with her and I can tell you she is absolutely great in everything she does. After 1 session of chemical peel I didnt have to wear foundation for a week, my face was glowing. Went back for the micro needling and I can feel my face is way tighter and smooth. She is so friendly, welcoming, professional and on top of this she will never recommend you anything you dont need. I strongly recommend her for anyone who wants to have great skin for reasonable prices and amazing products. She was very flexible accommodating me with my tight schedule as well. Will definitely go back for any service I need."
Nada A, 12/28/2016
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